Magellan Financial

Bowsprit Partners Limited is the corporate advisory and fundraising arm of the Magellan Financial Group, a Bahamian-based financial services group offering a wide range of services to a global high net worth client base through a number of fully owned subsidiaries across different jurisdiction.

The Magellan Financial Group has a global reach and presence through its subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Bahamas, Cayman Islands and New Zealand.

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Magellan’s services include:

Custody & Trading


Wealth Management


Portfolio Review




Fund Administration


Property Development and Administration

Harbour Securities

Harbour Securities specialises in providing fundraising and corporate broking services to companies seeking to list on one of the UK public markets.

Through its successful track record of introducing committed capital to growing companies from a diverse group of UK and international investors, ranging from traditional small and mid-cap institutional investors to family offices and high net worth individuals, Harbour Securities helps companies achieve their ambitions.

The team has worked at both buy-side and sell-side institutions and holds a comprehensive understanding of the listing and after-market processes, bringing to Bowsprit Partners a collective wealth of ECM and sales experience.

Its offering includes post-listing advisory services, where the team acts as a key lynchpin between the market, the regulator and the company during this challenging phase.

Harbour Securities is a trading name of Bowsprit Partners Limited which authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (‘FCA’) under Firm Reference Number 403139.

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Victoria Securities

Bowsprit Partners offers the possibility to structure transactions through the groups, Securitisation Vehicle, Victoria Securities.

A Securitisation Vehicle under the Luxembourg Securitisation Act of March 2004 is a securitisation undertaking which acquires or assumes risks from an Originator by issuing a security the value of which and associated yields are linked to an underlying asset.

An extremely wide range of assets can be securitised: securities (shares, loans, subordinated or non subordinated bonds), risks linked to debt (commercial and other), movable and immovable property (whether tangible or not) and, more generally, any activity that has a certain value or future income.

These securities can be qualified as Asset-backed Securities (ABS), because the underlying assets serve as collateral for the investment.

Securitisation is an operation by which investors buy securities, i.e., transfer cash to a SV to acquire a financial instrument (i.e., Notes) in order to obtain the proceeds from the investments made by that vehicle.

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