Agreement with Luxembourg Securitisation Vehicle

Bowsprit Partners is excited to announce that we now have an exclusive agreement with a Luxembourg-based Securitisation Vehicle, Victoria Securities SCOOPSA (“Victoria Securities”).

Victoria Securities is an unregulated securitisation company (Véhicule de Titrisation) whose activities are subject to the Securitisation Act 2004.

The Luxembourg law allows securitisation to be accessible by all types of investors (institutional or individual). As an alternative to traditional bank funding, issuers will issue securitisation vehicles. A range of assets can be securitised such as securities, risks, properties, etc. These securities can be qualified as Asset-backed Securities (ABS) because the underlying assets serve as collateral for the investment.

Victoria Securities will benefit from the advice of the following firms:

Kaiser Partner PrivatBank (Paying and Settlement Agent), an investment bank focusing on wealth advice and corporate finance services operating from Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

Sarfati & Associates (Structuring Counsel and Legal Advisor), a European law firm specialised in banking, finance and international transactions was founded in 2010 by Frank Sarfati. Sarfati & Associates will also be in charge of the administration and management of Victoria Securities.

ECOVIS IFG Audit S.A. (Auditor) is a registered accounting firm which provides services in the fields of accounting, company administration, tax compliance and audits of financial holding companies. ECOVIS IFG Audit S.A. is a part of the ECOVIS Group, a leading global consulting firm with origins in Continental Europe.

This agreement with Victoria Securities will allow us to expand our capabilities and increase the range of products that we are able to offer to our clients.

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